Company Profile

Guangdong Youtai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (referred to as UMW®), affiliated to Youtai Semiconductor Co., Ltd., was established in Hong Kong in 2013. The headquarters and sales center are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and the production base is located in Dazu District, Chongqing. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and design of integrated circuits and discrete devices, packaging and manufacturing, and product sales. The production base covers an area of ​​more than 12,000 square meters, with more than 120 production and technical personnel, and the annual shipment exceeds 3 billion. The company has a number of complete sets of international advanced packaging manufacturing production lines and a scientific management system. Passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, and the products have obtained UL, CQC, SGS and other certifications. Obtained a number of national utility patents and software copyrights. The products have always insisted on positioning high-end quality, and enjoy a good reputation in the industry at home and abroad. The company's products focus on consumer and industrial markets. The main products are: power management IC, low power LDO, three-terminal voltage regulator, high, medium and low voltage MOS tubes, optocouplers, motor drives, ESD protection, rectifier bridges, Darlington tubes and logic circuits, etc. Products are widely used in drones, robots, power supplies, computers, LCD TVs, instruments, toys, home appliances, communication equipment, lighting applications, automotive electronics, industrial automation equipment and other fields. The company is actively committed to the sustainable development of the semiconductor industry, using professional experience in the high-tech field to provide excellent quality products and system solutions for building a harmonious and efficient society, and to achieve a win-win situation for the entire industry chain.

Company Culture

Corporate vision: professional power supply component manufacturing!
Corporate philosophy: Focus on customer needs and insist on original authentic products.
Entrepreneurship: Competitive, responsible, and go all out.
Core values: down-to-earth, harmony and win-win, create value for customers.

Company Organization

Youtai Semiconductor has established branches in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou, with more than 300 employees.

Company Development

The company's products are positioned as industrial-grade products. In the future, UMW will build a high-quality brand. In order to enable some consumer products to save costs while ensuring product quality, the company will develop together with our customers. In order to meet market demand, the company has set up a packaging plant and a testing plant. The start of the production of Youtai Semiconductor Packaging Factory has brought strong support for the company's product output, and it is fully capable of reaching all the output required by the market. In order to meet the needs of the market, the company has formulated a strict quality plan while ensuring product output. In order to meet the quality requirements, the company has set up a special testing workshop to ensure that the products can be fast and effective, and reduce the defect rate. Serving our customers with 100% high-quality products, we will serve the society wholeheartedly, improve with a positive attitude, and use a professional team to create powerful products to give back to our customers!