Coin mining project / ASE package passes the price increase in the next quarter

Yageo announced a full price increase from June 1st!

The supply chain said that in order to reflect the rising cost, Yageo has adjusted the prices of large-scale first-line assembly plants in a comprehensive manner. Chip resistors and tantalum capacitors have increased by about 10% on average, and MLCC has increased by about 1% to 3%. The new prices will be It came into effect on June 1st. The industry believes that in the first half of this year, the price increase of passive components is more stable than that of other electronic components. However, passive component manufacturers still have to consider the impact of upstream raw materials on the increase in operating costs. Therefore, it is imperative to adjust product quotations. .

Regarding relevant information, Yageo said that it would not comment on the quotation, stressing that the operating costs of upstream raw materials, transportation and labor have continued to increase, and will carefully consider sharing the rising costs with customers in a timely manner. The government requires all localities to shut down Bitcoin mining projects. Recently, the China Internet Finance Association and other three associations jointly issued the "Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Virtual Currency Transaction Speculation", reminding the risk of virtual currency transaction speculation and emphasizing that virtual currency transactions are illegal financial activities. Institutions and platforms that illegally participate in virtual currency transactions, speculation, or provide support services should cooperate with the judicial department to deal with them in a timely manner, increase the cost of violations of laws and regulations, and increase the deterrence of rectification activities. For Bitcoin mining projects, all localities should be fully cleaned up and shut down in time. Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission: For related companies and related personnel that have virtual currency "mining" behavior, they will be included in the untrustworthy blacklist according to relevant regulations; for public officials who use their positions to participate in virtual currency "mining" or provide convenience and protection for them , All will be transferred to discipline inspection and supervision organs for processing.

ASE Packaging passes next quarter's price increase

Benefited from the 5G growth trend, the demand for mobile phone processors and communication chips has greatly expanded, coupled with the growth of applications such as high-speed computing (HPC) chips and the Internet of Things, the leading packaging and testing factory ASE Investment and Control has an explosion of orders for wire bonding and the market has reported. In the third quarter, ASE will cancel the previous 3% to 5% price discounts for customers. With the continued shortage of supply and reflect the rising price of raw materials, not only will the price discount be cancelled, but also the price will be increased by 5% to 10%.

In the wake of the continuation of foundry price increases, ASE is the global semiconductor packaging and testing leader. At this time, it also reflects that the market conditions have cancelled the existing price discounts, and the quotations have been increased simultaneously, highlighting the current hot market conditions. Regarding related rumors, ASE Investment Control declined to comment, saying that it would pay close attention to market supply and demand conditions. Vice President of Realme: Costs will rise by 10%, and smartphones will rise in the second half of the year. Sina Finance quoted China Business Report. Xu Qi, vice president of Chinese smartphone brand realme and president of China, said that the cost of mobile phones has risen and it has risen a lot. Looking at the trend in the second half of this year (2021), the price increase of mobile phones is an inevitable trend: At present, upstream components are indeed rising, and there are more than one increase, including the increase in storage, the increase in chips, and the increase in other components. , The specific rate may increase by about 10% in the second half of the year;

And it is expected that the price increase of upstream components and the "shortage of cores" will continue at least until the first half of the Ming Dynasty (2022). Xu Qi pointed out that the current "lack of cores" situation may be trending better, but there will still be a shortage. "Lack of cores" is a major trend. In addition, the recent epidemic of new crown pneumonia in India has received widespread attention from the outside world. Under the impact of the second wave of new crown pneumonia in India, many institutions have lowered their expectations for the Indian smartphone market. Regarding India’s epidemic situation, Xu Qi said that there is no large-scale order hacking phenomenon. Some markets may shrink a little. It is necessary to confirm the global market supply situation; affected by the Indian epidemic, 4G chips are out of stock and a series of other issues. The impact and stage will face some uncertainty, and how it will develop depends on the country’s policies and overall market conditions.